The making of Rose&buds candleholder (with photos)

Let’s have an insight into the making of Rose&buds candleholder: the artisan describes the job step by step

Rose&buds candle holder is made with 0.6 mm pipe, 1, 1.5 or 2 mm and 0.6 mm wire and 0.1mm, 0.3 and 0.5 mm copper sheet.

The central rose can be ageed copper, light blue ore natural copper coloured. This time I experimented and decided to make fire-worked central petals, in order to get warmer colours, that seem to me a little more suitable in Christmas time.

First step is bending the pipe: I use a propor tool in order to avoid the pipe to bend badly and to get no more usable. Then I make holes into pipes, as the first photo below show:

rose&buds making.1

First steps: pipes are cut and bent. Holes are made with a drill.


The second step is about central flower. As rose&buds is a candle holder, the the rose is going to be simpler and lighter to balance sides weight. I chose 0.3 and 0.5 mm copper sheet.

Once I cut the piece, both surfaces are carefully cleand whereas edges are smoothed by machine. I also decided to carve sides of petals.


Making of Rose&buds candle holder step 2








Rose&buds making: fireworking rough output





After that, it’s fire-working time. As the result is pretty strong in terms of colours, a second cleaning is need.

Third step is about mounting central rose on the rose branch (that is, the bent pipe).


Rose&buds making, step 3: mounting central flower on copper pipe.




fire worked rose buds

Rose&buds candle holder Step 4: the making of rose buds.





Finally is time to work on the sides: I prepare designs and wire to make and assembly small rose buds and leaves.

It takes a pretty long time, as it usually happens when they try to make nice and delicate small sized things.

Before fastening rose buds to pipe-branch, from 1 to 2 mm tick wires are melted to the pipe. The output is showed on the photo below. As usual, the piece is covered with a special transparent varnish in order to stop metal from getting ageed.





Rose&buds candleholder is available on as single piece or in a 3-pieces Set. It is also available on this site’s shop, in the Genio Italiano’s basket.

And don’t forget special offers for Christmas time!




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