Genio Italiano at 37th Flowers&Copper Fair in Cortona

Festa del Fiore e del Coccio

Genio Italiano has been invited to show her work during one the most popular annual events in Cortona.

The “treasure box” town  called Cortona lies on the hill  that looks over Valdichiana Valley, just towards other ancient beautiful small cities, such as Montepulciano and Pienza. The view from the Cortona balcony (just before one of the gate of the old town) is something that, as they say, you need to see “at least once in your life”. Sitting on a bench on the Cortona balcony, in a clear and sunny day  they can admire (looking from East to West): Trasimeno Lake, the peculiar shape of the Radicofani hill, Mount Amiata, Mount Cetona, Montepulciano and many others ancient towns such as Torrita, Monte San Savino, Sinalunga, Lucignano.

The description above is surely sufficient to make everyone wish to visit Cortona, altought the very town is rich to be visited for its palaces such as the Comune (in the picture), the Signorelli Theather, for its museums and for its several Churches, as well as for tis medioeval fortress called Girifalco, just on the top of Cortona hill, over the Santa Margherita Church.


Every year, between April and May, they organized the so called Fiera del Fiore, del Rame (copper) e del Coccio (clay). Artisans from Tuscany as well as from other areas of the Country will show their works.

The 2017 Fair will be the 37th edition of this event, so well related to this period of the time, when everyone wishes to renew theyr flower gardens and to change something both indoor and outdoor their house, to celebrate the new season and the reborn of nature and life that they experience in Spring.


This year is the firt time for me and I’m grateful and excited to be able to partecipate!




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