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ecwid infoIt’s open the new Genio Italiano’s online shop!

Accessible directly from the Cosefattedirame web site and from the Facebook page.

I chose a very popular free e-commerce solutions, Ecwid. The Company is located in Encinitas, CA.

I chose them particularly because they offer a pretty high security level. That’s what they say about their data security system:

Ecwid is a hosted SaaS shopping cart, which means all stores data (products, categories, images, orders, etc.) are hosted on our servers and delivered to the customers in background by means of AJAX. We rely on secure Amazon Web Services (particularly, Amazon EC2) to store Ecwid data and applications.

As a result of such an approach, you and your customers entrust data to Ecwid and not to anybody else, regardless of where your store is installed. We take care of backups as well as of your store security, software updates, server maintenance and many other routine tasks.

This means that in case your site or hosting is down for some reason, the store is up and running. Even if your site or hosting is vulnerable to malware or hacker attacks, your store (storefront and backend) is not, it is totally safe on our servers.

In my point of you, he most important service they offer for my customers is the htpps payment channel.

They also allow me to accept a wide range of payments methods, so I can accept both Paypall and any other kind of credit card.

I hope you’ll be satisfied with this new opportunity.

Please let me know whether it is able to satisfy you!





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