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Genio Italiano, the Tuscan copper artisan.

Genio Italiano is an Italian artisan who works with copper only by hand, that is without using any kind of machines that are usually used by blacksmiths to cut, bend or mould metal. As the more you work copper, the more it become tough, in this kind of work "mistakes" are not allowed.
This means that each product is a "compromise" between the artisan's imagination and the real possibility of making that thing with copper. Each time I start looking nature, particularly flowers and trees. First I take a photo, then I measure them and, whenever it is possible I dissect them so that they become true "models".
Each object is finally covered with a protecting film in order to be safe and to avoid its colour to change.

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Where to buy my products


The online shop "Cosefattedirame" on

On Cosefattedirame (that is, handmade copper things) you may find beautiful copper hand made flowers, candle holders and home and kitchen decorations.